Raymond Joaceus, also known as Ray Medixi, is the visionary behind Medixi Mentality, a thriving community aimed at expanding the horizons of entrepreneurs seeking to advance their businesses in various industries.

With an impressive following of over 120,000 subscribers on social media, the community continues to flourish, driven by its core values of knowledge-sharing, seizing opportunities, and promoting truth. Raymond is also the mastermind behind MXI, a renowned company specializing in consulting and managing creators and entrepreneurs in the energy and entertainment sectors.

Over the past ten years, Raymond has achieved remarkable success, generating an astounding $100 million in revenue and seven-figure commissions. His unwavering dedication and wealth of expertise have solidified his position as a true industry leader.

The MMG 8 Core Values

  • Congruence is Key word is bond
  • Focus on the Journey but Plan from End
  • Maintain a Growth Mentality
  • High Performance & Low Maintenance
  • Creating for Unity and Community among Creators and Entrepreneurs
  • Listen to the Mind and Listen to the Heart
  • Loyalty and Honor over Everything
  • He who respects others is constantly respected by them.
Mentors of Ray Medixi

The ones who know me and the ones who have never met me. Here’s a short list of the people who have mentored me:

  • Robert Green
  • Jadakiss
  • Curtis Jackson (50 Cent)
  • Tim Grover
  • Jeb Blount
  • Mel Robbins
  • Myron Golden
  • Sean Covey
  • Suzanne Lewinter
  • Brian Tracey
  • Grant Cardone
  • John Wooden
  • Dave Ramsey